Avoiding badchars & small buffers with custom shellcode – OdinSecureFTPclient SEH exploit

Written by  on August 10, 2015

Hi there fellow pirates P-) ! This time we’ll be studying a vuln I just found on OdineSecureFTP client. Using the evil ftp server I fuzzed the aplication[...]

Attacking ftp clients with SEH exploits P-) filezilla 2.X case of study

Written by  on August 2, 2015

Hi there fellow pirates! Today we’ll be attacking filezilla client 2.2.X with a client side exploit. After doing a litle bit of research in oldapps.com[...]

NullByte challenge 0x01

Written by  on August 1, 2015

  #####NULL BYTE 0x01##### Codename: NB0x01 Download: ly0n.me/nullbyte/NullByte.ova.zip Objetcive: Get to /root/proof.txt and follow the instructions. Level:[...]

Writing exploits with an egghunter – part 1

Written by  on August 1, 2015

Today we’ll be studying the winam 6.12 playlist buffer overflow vuln. I found that vuln very interesting to study as it requieres an important amount[...]

Bypass ASLR with partial EIP overwrite

Written by  on July 30, 2015

Hi there, here we’ll be avoiding ASLR with an interesting technique. For those who don’t know, ASLR means address space layout randomization[...]