Hackfest.ca CTF – Sedna

Written by  on March 21, 2017

Hi folks! Sorry for being a little bit idle these last months, now I’m back with more stuff. I found this box: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/hackfest2016-sedna,181/[...]

Attacking ftp clients with SEH exploits P-) filezilla 2.X case of study

Written by  on August 2, 2015

Hi there fellow pirates! Today we’ll be attacking filezilla client 2.2.X with a client side exploit. After doing a litle bit of research in oldapps.com[...]

Follow the white rabbit

Written by  on May 28, 2015

Welcome to this site, here you’ll find, hacking tips, exploit code, useful tools and some more weird stuff. Enjoy. [...]