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NullByte challenge 0x01

Written by  on August 1, 2015

  #####NULL BYTE 0x01##### Codename: NB0x01 Download: Objetcive: Get to /root/proof.txt and follow the instructions. Level:[...]

Writing exploits with an egghunter – part 1

Written by  on August 1, 2015

Today we’ll be studying the winam 6.12 playlist buffer overflow vuln. I found that vuln very interesting to study as it requieres an important amount[...]

Basic AV bypass

Written by  on July 28, 2015

Hi there, today we’ll be evading antivirus by using a basic xor stub. Firs of all, select your favourite RAT or MALWARE and copy that, then scan[...]

Clean metadata from PDF file

Written by  on July 27, 2015

Metadata in files can be usted to get sensitive information about the file creator, we can easily clean that metadata using various software solutions. quick[...]

Exploit writing: Simple buffer overflow’s

Written by  on July 25, 2015

Well this post will be some kind of “buffer overflow exploiting for dummies”. In buffer overflow based exploits what we do is overwrite important[...]