Bruteforce WPA and decrypt pcap’s with aircrack

Written by  on December 27, 2017

Hi again! In this small and simple tutorial we are going to review the process of using aircrack for cracking and decrypting  a PCAP containing 802.11g[...]

Collect Windows malware/threat intelligence with dionaea honeypot / PeStudio

Written by  on August 17, 2017

Hi all! As I said in previous posts, recently I was in charge of the defense of a large network and I had to figure out a lot of things to build an effective[...]

Collect Linux malware/threat intelligence with cowrie honeypot

Written by  on August 16, 2017

Hi all! One of my main topics of research has always been malware analysis and when it comes to work the first thing you need is actually some malware[...] CTF – Sedna

Written by  on March 21, 2017

Hi folks! Sorry for being a little bit idle these last months, now I’m back with more stuff. I found this box:,181/[...]

MS08_067 exploit analysis – part II defeating DEP

Written by  on December 30, 2015

In the previous part of this case of study, we developed a valid exploit for the ms08_067 vulnerability. We used a windows xp sp2 box with the DEP feature[...]