[Hacking series] – SkyTower

Written by  on July 16, 2015

Code name: SkyTower Webpage: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/skytower-1,96/ VM Download: http://download.vulnhub.com/skytower/SkyTower.zip Challange: Get[...]

Backdooring windows exe’s for fun and profit – [Part 1]

Written by  on July 9, 2015

Hi there, today we are going to inject a windows cmd reverse shell from metasploit inside a simple windows executable. We’ll place our backdoor inside[...]

From reflected XSS to shell

Written by  on July 8, 2015

In this scenario we will begin with a simple and easy exploitable reflected XSS attack and then we will move to a cookie stealing scenario and the total[...]